by jestaldt

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Recorded February 2017


released March 1, 2017

Jestaldt is: Stepan Bolslovo, Sofia Bolslovo



all rights reserved


jestaldt Kitchener, Ontario

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Track Name: Rectifier
Simulacrum set me free
Appreciate your honesty
For your guidance much obliged
Emulation's not my game

They say they're going to set her free
They like her disciplined apathy
She said she's going to make me new
She means she going to make me true

She likes to laugh at my gloomy songs
Appreciate her honesty
She says my jokes make her cry
Appreciate her apathy
Track Name: Losing Teeth
In my dreams
I speak in vowels
Feel my gums itch and clench

If I had only stayed in pain
I could still pronounce your name

While I'm still awake
I wonder if these teeth are fake

In my dreams I'm relieved
Don't even need my teeth to scream
Track Name: Daisy Cutter
Don't hurt the Earth
Senseless waste of casualties
Terrain: no pain
Use wisely your fatalities

What we need: to innovate
What we need: to mitigate
Needless waste of deadly force
Track Name: Inattention Span
This is my portrait of the artist in a vacuum
Cable staid, rats' nest of wires

I've got a great idea for a book your never read
I've got a great pitch for a song you'll never hear

You know me well enough to know I'm up to nothing
Just a man with his toys making some noise

Here's what we'll do
You like me, and I'll like you
Ok, let's go
You validate me, I'll validate you
Yes, I'd love to
You give me some praise
And I'll give you some too
Again, together now
Track Name: Ineptly Inert
I believe in a new kind of relief
Where I've been all this time is a loss to me
I believe
I will leave

I try to sort my thoughts
But the labels have faded
I paint my walls
with a new shade of jaded
The fake
Makes me faint

I can't pretend that I know what I want
I pretend instead to know what I don't
But I know
What I don't
Track Name: Resistor
Are these faces in my head ceilings or walls?
Impediments with purpose?
A reason to crawl?

Who sees these vertices for what they really are?
Impediments with reason to see are so far

A ceiling is just another wall
Track Name: Earth Potential Rise
Little to be said
Cooked, then buried
On to the matters that matter

Incorrectly assumed
He was at a safe distance
A man cooked alive
By the ground he stood on

Accident report filed
On with matters that matter
Track Name: Pink Salt
No new hue of blue

Cured with brine
Not quick lime
Not safe to eat
Eat what it cures
Track Name: Chase Dreams
Practicing to fade
This is how we play

Your life's a waste of time
Whose time I can't be sure
Yours or mine?
I can't be bothered

You try to be yourself
I can see it's just wasted effort
Yours or mine
I can't be bothered
You try to be yourself
A lot of effort for no one

Mocked for how you walk and talk
Cowardly, mumbling, club-footed auk
Simpering, bumbling, near-sighted auk
Track Name: I, Obliviator
Time for surprising compromise
All knowledge is recollection
All novelty is oblivion